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What Is Rosacea And How Can I Treat It?

Here at Beauty By Laser, our technicians are well-equipped to offer laser treatment for Rosacea and facial redness, but what exactly is this condition? From exploring what Rosacea is and what causes it, to learning how it’s diagnosed, managed and what treatments are available, we’ve compiled our knowledge to put together a simple guide to […]

What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments, from laser hair removal to skin resurfacing and pigmentation reduction, are generally very safe procedures. When offered by a trained technician, laser treatments offer long-term solutions to skin concerns such as pigmentation issues, as well as hair removal and beyond. As with any treatment, however, there are side effects that may occur and […]

Put On Your War Paint And Take On 2022 In Style

As 2022 approaches, we’re still surrounded by uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t approach the New Year ready to fight. From something as simple as a facial or massage, to laser hair removal or skin treatments, we’re here to help – after all, there’s no better time to get yourself ready to slather on the war paint and take on 2022 in style.

Ready To Get Back Out There? Our Laser Treatments Have Got You Covered

The world’s opening up again and we don’t know about you, but we’re excited to get back out there as soon as we can. However, 18 months at home have definitely taken their toll and you’d be forgiven for needing a little TLC before heading out. Our laser treatments offer long-lasting and visible results, whether you’re looking for hair removal, sun spot treatments, fine line reduction or even spider vein treatments.

Christmas Is Coming: Here Are Our Beauty Present Picks

This Christmas is going to look a little different for everyone and while we’re keen to open up and treat you all to your winter beauty treatments, we’ve all had to think outside of the box. For those that can’t, or aren’t comfortable to heading down to the salon for a facial or laser treatment just yet, our range of beauty products and vouchers make the perfect Christmas gift for beauty lovers everywhere. Here are our top beauty picks.