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Put On Your War Paint And Take On 2022 In Style

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t agree that the past two years have been tough. With lockdowns, safety measures and easing back into a new kind of normal, the stress has undoubtedly taken its toll on the majority of us. As 2022 approaches, we’re still surrounded by uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t approach the New Year ready to fight. From something as simple as a facial or massage, to laser hair removal or skin treatments, we’re here to help – after all, there’s no better time to get yourself ready to slather on the war paint and take on 2022 in style. 

Laser Hair Removal

For long-lasting hair removal that takes away the stress of keeping on top of shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is unrivalled. Gone are the days of worrying about waxing appointments or forgetting to pick up new razors at the shop – laser hair removal prevents new hair growth for up to two years or more with maintenance sessions. Our laser hair removal experts have experience with hair of all colours and types, across different genders, ethnicities and more. We can treat your legs, bikini line, underarms, buttocks, chest, back, beard area, arms, lips and more, all depending on what you need. Opt for a single session, or book six for a discount, and to provide you with the best possible long-lasting results.

Laser Skin Treatments

Wrinkles, pigmentations, spider veins and redness are all issues that many of us face, and the past two years spent with our own company may have made these otherwise harmless issues feel more disheartening. Laser skin treatments could provide you with some much-deserved confidence in your appearance. Laser treatments can break up skin pigments to give you a more even complexion, treat sunspots and even reduce redness and rosacea. For those concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, laser treatments can encourage the production of collagen in your skin and help to improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin, reducing wrinkles in the process.


If you’re just looking to refresh yourself ready for the new year, a facial can really do wonders for your confidence and how your skin feels overall. Different facials can tackle different skin concerns and we have a number to choose from: 

  • O2 Facial – Perfect for hydrating and oxygenating the skin, with exfoliation to leave your skin glowing and feeling great.
  • Illuminating Facial – The Illuminating Facial is designed for those with hyperpigmentation concerns. This treatment lasts for approximately an hour, and will utilise skin lightening technology to correct any hyperpigmentation without damaging or drying out the skin. 
  • The Max Stem Cell – This facial is designed to target fine lines and wrinkles, dealing with loss of elasticity and dull or sallow skin. It corrects, prevents and ultimately provides nutrition to your skin.
  • Fall Into Hydration – Another hydrating facial, this enzymatic treatment works to not only moisturise, but firm and brighten dull and dry skin. 
  • Be Clear Purifying Facial – This facial does exactly what the name suggests – it helps to purify and clear your skin, which is perfect for those that typically suffer with acne. This treatment utilises antibacterial peptides and salicylic acid, as well as natural soothing botanicals to refresh and treat your skin.
  • The Signature Lift – This facial is actually a peel, and is designed to reduce redness and brighten the skin in general. The facial also utilises hyaluronic acid in order to provide superior hydration.

Get A Massage

Many of us completely underestimate the power of a good massage. Getting the chance to relax and unwind with a restoring massage can really set you up for taking on the new year, or even just the festive season, with a renewed vigour. Our bodies go through a lot every day and over the past two years, this has only gotten more intense. The stress and anxiety many of us are suffering from can all be carried in our shoulders and other muscles, which is precisely why a massage could help to reduce this stress and release any tension.

For more information about the treatments above, or any other treatments we offer here at Beauty By Laser, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.