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Ready To Get Back Out There? Our Laser Treatments Have Got You Covered

The world’s opening up again and we don’t know about you, but we’re excited to get back out there as soon as we can. However, 18 months at home have definitely taken their toll and you’d be forgiven for needing a little TLC before heading out. Our laser treatments offer long-lasting and visible results, whether you’re looking for hair removal, sun spot treatments, fine line reduction or even spider vein treatments – We’ve put together a guide to our top laser treatments to help you decide which ones could give you the confidence to hit the bars and clubs again in no time. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Here at Beauty By Laser, we are proud to offer expert laser hair removal right here at our clinic in Southend. With over 18 years of experience in laser skin treatments, our clinician utilises the safe yet powerful Candela Gentlemax Pro to provide long-lasting and professional results that you can rely on. By combining the 755 Alexandrite laser with the 1064 Nd:YAG laser, the Candela Gentlemax Pro can be used across a vast majority of skin types and hues to tackle unwanted hair growth. We offer laser hair removal for most areas of the body including the legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, buttocks, chest, back, shoulders, beard area, lip, chin, sideburns, hands or feet, and more. We offer single sessions, or blocks of six – feel free to get in touch with our team to find out more.

Skin Pigmentations 

Our skin goes through a lot and from time to time, this can appear as anything from sun spots and freckles, to age spots and other pigmented lesions across the body. While these are often harmless, the appearance can knock our confidence and for that reason, we provide laser treatment to reduce the appearance of these spots. We can remove most pigmentation in as little as 1-3 sessions depending on the area, pigmentation type and recovery time between sessions, but we will discuss this with you in full at your initial consultation. 

Skin Tightening/Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles are a completely normal part of life, but for some of us, it can be a knock to our confidence when they really start to show. Laser skin tightening and wrinkle reduction offer relief from these issues, turning back the clock and giving you a more youthful appearance. Optimal results typically show in around 2-3 treatments given around a month apart, which not only provide the best looking results, but will also ensure that they are the longest lasting. You will often see immediate results and with no downtime to worry about, you can get back to your daily life immediately.

Facial, Spider and Leg Veins

Laser treatments for facial, spider and leg veins are a non-invasive solution to dealing with this concern. While most thread or spider veins are completely harmless, having them treated can reduce their appearance and safely destroy the vein for a long-term solution. This will not only give you a smooth appearance back to your skin but will also deal with the problem non-invasively, providing a solution that doesn’t require a lot of downtime.

General Redness And Rosacea

Facial redness, flushing and rosacea are more common in men and women of all ages than you might expect, but treatment to reduce the appearance may be what you need to restore or gain confidence in your appearance ready for the coming months. Laser treatment for redness and rosacea can provide a more balanced, even complexion that gives you that confidence boost you may be craving. We can discuss the number of treatments you may need and results you can expect at your initial consultation. 

If any of the treatments listed above sound like the ideal treatment to get you back on your confident feet, we are happy to help. Get in touch with a member of our team to book your consultation, or simply give us a call to find out more about any of our laser hair removal or beauty treatments, today.