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New Year’s Resolutions To Add To Your Beauty Routine

We’re in a brand new year and with the new year comes the perfect opportunity to start anew and set yourself some self-care resolutions. Whether you already have resolutions on the go from the turn of the year, or you’re still debating whether or not to set any for 2022, there’s still time to seize the opportunity and invest some time and motivation into your beauty and self-care routines. From taking care to wear SPF daily, to getting enough sleep and treating yourself from time to time, we’ve compiled some of the top new year’s resolutions you could add to your beauty routine in 2022.

Exfoliate Regularly 

Winter can be harsh on our skin, from drying it out with the cold air to the build-up of dirt in pores with the use of scarves, hats and more. As a result, it can need a bit of special care and attention to get it back to glowing. Exfoliation is a key place to start. By exfoliating at least once a week (but not every day!), you can not only clear your skin of toxins and dead skin, but it also offers the opportunity to massage your skin at the same time and improve your circulation overall.

Wear SPF

While most of us will wear sunscreen in summer to protect from sunburn, very few know that protecting your skin with an SPF year-round can really help to improve and maintain the quality and health of your skin. UV rays don’t disappear in winter – they are still there and can still have an effect on our skin. Even the smallest rays can cause damage and applying either sunscreen or a moisturiser with SPF protection each day can help to prevent everything from sunspots to skin cancers.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an invaluable tool in our beauty repertoire and one that many of us take for granted. Getting enough sleep can really be the difference between clear, healthy skin, and dull, wrinkled skin. Sleep is your body’s natural moisturiser and without a good night’s sleep, our skin can suffer. Getting at least 7 hours will ensure that you not only avoid developing wrinkles prematurely but will of course mean that you avoid the dreaded eye bags. With a sufficient amount of sleep and care taken to wash your face each morning and night, your skin will be glowing in no time.

Treat Yourself

Treating ourselves is something that many of us can bypass throughout the year, particularly when it comes to our self-care. While treating ourselves to a bar of chocolate or a coffee from the cafe can definitely count as a treat, investing time and energy into beauty treatments is a resolution we stand by. Whether it’s laser hair removal to take away the stress and hassle of shaving regularly, or a facial to leave your skin glowing and smooth, indulging in a treat for you and your body every now and then is a great way to maintain and boost your beauty routines in the new year.

From keeping on top of your cleansing and exfoliating routines to treating yourself to a beauty treatment more regularly, 2022 is the perfect time to embrace a new and improved beauty regime to keep you and your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. For more information about our services and which could work best for you this New Year, feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our team, today.